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Prop Balancing System
Borescope Technology

Mustang Aviation has a state of the art facility where we are committed to sustained growth to accommodate our customers. Most of our technicians are airframe and powerplant mechanics with inspection authorization. Our technicians have over 60 years of combined experience, giving you the peace of mind that our technicians have the knowledge and wisdom to do the job right. 


We invest in cutting edge technology. Our new borescope allows our technicians to look inside your engine, and share those images, in real time, with manufacturers and repair facilities around the world; much the same way as doctors confer long distance. THe borescope enables us to formulate the most expeditious and cost effective repair.


Mustang Aviation has also recently purchased the latest in prop balancing technology. Our new computer prop balancing system will reduce damage to airframe and engine components, as wel as cabin noise and vibration that cause pilot fatigue. 

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